Status szkoły




The group shall be known as POLISH LANGUAGE CLUB in THETFORD.


Our aims are

a. To provide cultural and educational workshops in the community giving Polish and Anglo Polish children over 3 years of age, the opportunity of studying their Polish language, and to enable them to understand, speak, read and write in Polish

b. To develop partnerships with other arts and cultural, youth and community organisations and venues in the NORFOLK area.

c. To increase access to, and promote awareness and appreciation of Polish culture and tradition to the people of NORFOLK area.

d. To interact with Polish and other arts/cultural groups regionally, nationally and internationally.

e. To provide young people with opportunities for social interaction in a safe, secure and supportive environment.


ln furtherance of the objects, but not otherwise, POLISH LANGUAGE CLUB

may exercise the following powers:

  1. Obtain, collect and receive money or funds by way of contributions, grants and any other lawful method towards the aims of POLISH LANGUAGE CLUB
  1. Power to operate with charities, voluntary bodies and statutory authorities operating in furtherance of the objects or similar charitable purposes and to exchange
  2. information and advice with them.
  1. Support any charitable trusts, associations or institutions formed for all
  2. or any of the objects.
  1. Power to pay out — of — pocket expenses to Management Committee members.

Power to do all such other lawful things as is necessary for the achievement of the aims.


  1. Membership is open to children and their parents and those, who wish to learn more about Polish language, literature and culture.
  1. Membership must be approved by the Management Committee, who may also levy a monthly membership fee is desired.
  2. All membership must obey rules of POLISH LANGUAGE CLUB in THETFORD.
  1. Voting membership shall be open to anyone over the age of 16 who supports the


  1. All membership must complete registration form every year.
  1. The Secretary shall maintain a current list of the membership.


Management Team shall be formed by POLISH LANGUAGE CLUB in THETFORD directors giving them a vote each when deciding on Company’s projects and its development.

  1. Management Team will report to members on the Annual General Meeting and where further development will be suggested and discussed.
  1. It shall consist of a chair – the Managing Director – Anna Gasiorowska, secretary – Jacek Gasiorowski,and Tomasz Gasiorowski as a Director.
  1. The Management Committee members shall meet at least 4 times each year.
  1. All members must be present at a management meeting to be able to make decisions.
  1. A proper record of all transactions and meetings shall be kept


  1. There shall be an Annual General Meeting that shall be held in July of each year, or as soon as is practicable thereafter.
  1. The Management Committee shall call the Annual General Meeting. The Secretary shall give at least 14 days of notice in writing of the AGM to all Members
  1. Proposals to change the constitution must be given in writing to the secretary at least 28 days before a general meeting and approved by a two thirds majority of

           those present and voting.


  1. The Management Committee may call a special general meeting of the members at any
  2. time if at least 5 of the members request such a meeting in writing stating the business to
  3. be considered.
  1. The Secretary shall call such a meeting, giving at least 21 days’ notice to all the members.
  2. The notice shall state the business to be discussed.



  1. The financial year of the Polish Language School will run from 1st April to the 31 March.
  2. The funds of the group, including all donations, contributions and bequests shall be paid into an account operated by the Management Committee.
  1. All cheques drawn on the account must be signed by two approved signatories, one of whom shall be the Chairperson or the Treasurer.
  1. The funds of the group shall be applied only to further the objects of the group.
  1. The Treasurer shall keep proper account of the finances of the organisation and present a
  2. statement of accounts at each Management Committee meeting.
  1. At the end of the financial year the Treasurer shall prepare final accounts.



Any notice required to be served on a member shall be in writing and shall be served by the

Secretary, by post to the member’s last known address in the United Kingdom.


The constitution may be altered by a resolution passed by not less than two thirds of the

members being present and voting at a general meeting. The notice of the meeting must in

notice of the resolution, setting out the terms of the proposed alterations.


  1. If the Management Committee decides that it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the
  2. organisation it shall call a special meeting of all members.
  3. The Secretary must give at least 21 days of notice of the meeting and include a statement of
  4. these terms of the resolution to be proposed.
  5. If the proposal is confirmed by two – thirds majority of those present and voting, the
  6. the group. Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall be
  7. given or transferred to such other charitable institution(s) with similar aims and objectives.
  1. This constitution was adopted by the founding Management Committee on:
  2. Date: 30/08/2016
  3. On behalf of the Polish Language Club:

Managing Director: Anna Gasiorowska …………………………

Secretary: Jacek Gasiorowski …………………………

Director: Tomasz Gasiorowski …………………………